The Artist

IMG_1582 (2)Alberta artist Cindy Howerton has been drawing and painting for as long as she can remember. As a young adult, the focus of her education was on becoming a commercial artist, but life’s journey led her down another path. In retirement she finally took the opportunity to pursue her life long dream of becoming a professional artist.

Cindys’ medium of choice is watercolor, and her passion lies in painting still life. Working out of her home studio, she enjoys the flexibility of arranging and photographing her own compositions while keeping the subject matter simple yet interesting. Cindy sees each new project as an opportunity to create something magical by combining the perfect choice of colors with the dynamic use of light and shadow.

Objects with reflective qualities play a prominent role in Cindys’ compositions, as well as the desire to create the perception of depth in her paintings. Prompting a sense of wonder at the extraordinary hidden within every day objects is her ultimate goal.

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